JWB ensures positive development and well-being of all children and families in Pinellas County through prudent investment in community-based solutions that work.

Since 2007, due to economic factors, the JWB Budget has steadily decreased, from nearly $60 million in 2007, to $45 million today.  However, because of those same economic factors, there are more Pinellas County families than ever before who need the kinds of services funded by JWB.

That is why JWB Board Members are considering a modest increase in the millage rate, to keep funding some of these critical programs, like counseling, mentoring, after-school programs, child care, abuse shelters, and much more. 

These are your programs.  Your tax dollars support them.  That is why JWB is seeking your input today on the value of these programs, and whether or not they should raise the millage rate to help continue to fund them.

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